Tana Patents Ltd

When it comes to IP matters, choose the leading regional expert and keep your rights protected

Tana Patents Ltd is located in Zagreb, Croatia and we provide full range of IP services in eight countries of the region i.e. in Croatia (HR), Bosnia-Herzegovina (BA), Slovenia (SI), Serbia (RS), North Macedonia (MK), Montenegro (ME), Kosovo (KS) and Albania (AL). In Croatia, Tana Patents Ltd works in cooperation with Hraste & Partners Law Firm Ltd and in the remaining seven countries – through the network of long-term associates i.e. experienced team of attorneys, engineers, translators and paralegals.

Our attorneys are certified representatives before regional courts and Intellectual Property Offices, European Patent Office (EPO), European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). We are members of INTA, ECTA, AIPPI, GRUR, PTMG and MARQUES.

In 2023 we celebrated our 30th anniversary and take pride in continuing to build successful relationships with the world’s leading corporations and law firms. Our worldwide clients include major companies from an array of fields, including IT, telecommunications, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, computers, electronics, hotel services, toys, cosmetics, publishing, engineering, etc. In addition, we also assist smaller companies and individuals in protection and development of their IP capital. Our significant experience in the IP field guarantees reliable and proficient responses in various prosecution and enforcement challenges.

Being aware that the dynamic between intellectual property service providers and clients is evolving, we strive to make our clients happy by understanding their needs and by providing them with timely, practical, creative and clear solutions on a daily basis. In the ever-changing IP ecosystem, while expanding our client base, our goal is to continue to provide bespoke, efficient and exceptional service to our clients.

Tana Patents Ltd is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

Hraste & Partners Law Firm Ltd and Tana Patents Ltd are located at the same address in Zagreb, Croatia.