February 01, 2020

Serbia – New Trade Mark Law

On January 24, 2020, the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia passed the Trade Mark Law which came into effect on February 01, 2020.

The new Trade Mark Law harmonizes Serbian with the European legislation and introduces several novelties, some of which are:

The opposition procedure

The Intellectual Property Office will continue to examine applications ex officio both on absolute and relative grounds. Provided that the application passes the examination, it will be published in the Serbian Intellectual Property Office’s Official Gazette. An interested party can file the opposition based on relative grounds, within three months from the application publication date (for national applications) and within three months, counting from the first day of the month that follows the month cited in the WIPO’s Official Gazette in which the international trade mark was published (for international trade marks based on Madrid Agreement/Protocol). The official fees for the opposition procedure are yet to be defined.

List of goods/services – more detailed specification required

It is recommended that goods and services for which protection is sought be defined in more detail. Namely, if protection in sought only for class headings – only goods and services covered by the literal meaning of the terms listed in class headings will be included in protection.

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